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    Firearms for Law Enforcement & Personal Protection
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    High Capacity Rapid Fire Handguns
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    High Performance High Caliber Revolvers
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    38 Special & 357 Magnum Revolvers
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    Mikhail Kalashnikov. Firearms Designer.
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    Fine Shotguns for Hunting and Skeet Shooting
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    AR15 Style Sport Rifles
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    Popular 9 Millimeter Handguns
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    Shotguns for Home & Self Defense
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    1911 Style, Milspec and Custom
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    Assault Rifles, Dozens of Variants
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    Expert Gunsmith Services Available



We will help you to determine and purchase the best handgun, rifle, or weapon for you.



We manufacture target and custom loaded ammunition.  We will assist you with your purchase of ammunition for your specific needs. 



We can assist you in the purchase of flash hiders, compensators, and suppressors/ silencers. 



We possess the knowledge and skills to assist with the purchase, training, and maintenance of your weapons, ammunitions, and suppression needs.